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Exceed Martial Arts is more than just another school; we are a family. We pick each other up when we fall, and when we EXCEED we help each other propel even higher.


Master Jackson has been doing Martial Arts since 1974. The Arts studied include Tang Soo Do (Black Belt), Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo (Black Belt), Kukkiwon Taekwondo (Black Belt), and Chin Nah a Chinese joint manipulation Art.


Master Jackson has 3 children that have all received their Black Belts in Taekwondo and all are succeeding in life from the lessons learned doing Martial Arts.


Master Jackson and his family looks forward to meeting and creating a personalized relationship with each and every one of his students. He looks to create a positive environment for learning, while still having fun at the same time. Mr. Jackson is excited to have the opportunity to meet you.


Master Jackson

“The hardest part of any new journey is the first step”

-A wise person


Instructor "AJ"



Instructor  "AJ" studied Taekwondo under his dad for over 14 years and is a Kukkiwon certified Black Belt. Instructor AJ is currently an  active competitor and has been on many State and National teams. He is currently the 2019 California Unified Taekwondo Association (CUTA) State Champion. Instructor AJ is also a current 2019 USA National Medalist, taking 2nd places (out of 35) only to lose to the former USA Olympic medalist in the final match.


Instructor AJ’s teaches with strict but firm principals, that he himself was taught. These firm principals are what gave him the discipline to do what it took to make the many State and National teams.


Instructor AJ is currently attending De Anza College, studying Kinesiology and Physical Fitness.


Instructor Katie Jackson has also been studying Taekwondo under her dad for over 15 years. Instructor Katie like her brother is a certified Kukkiwon Black Belt. Instructor Katie has also been on many State and National teams.


Instructor Katie is in her 3rd year at California State Polytechnic University studying Bio Chem.


Instructor Katie


Assistant Instructor


Assistant Instructor Bianca Jackson has been practicing Taekwondo under her dad for the past 8 years. She currently holds a rank of a Kukkiwon Poom. Assistant Bianca is currently a Taekwondo competitor striving to follow in her siblings footsteps.

Assistant Bianca is currently exceeding the 6th grade.



As wife and mother of Exceed Martial Arts instructors, Sophea is integral person here at Exceed Martial Arts that is ready to answer any questions you may have. Sophea has supported her children throughout every step of their martial arts journey, and can help you understand any concerns you may have with you and your kids throughout their journey.


Program Manager

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