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Martial Arts have many benefits for developing teens. It helps to develop healthy lifelong habit of fitness, and it creates a sense of life balance. For teens especially, it helps develop respect for all people, confidence, and self control. Let’s take a closer look at why Martial Arts are great to get involved in.



Martial Arts promotes two kinds of balance – physical balance and life balance. We all understand that physical balance has to do with things like being able to stand stably on one foot, but life balance is something that is a little harder to come by in today’s world. Life is a balancing act, we need to learn to find a happy medium in all aspects of life: what we eat, how much time we spend working versus relaxing, spending time alone or with a group, etc. Martial Arts can teach teens how to find their own personal sense of balance in their lives, by making them more aware of their surroundings and themselves.


In Martial Arts, everyone is treated equally regardless of size or gender. Because of this, students face a wide range of challenges. These array of challenges can help build self-confidence because as you meet and conquer each challenge. Learning skills, and achieving goals all give students a sense of accomplishment and confidence.



One of the core values of Martial Arts is respect. This respect is not just for your instructor, but also for yourself, your fellow classmates, and everything around you. Learning to have respect for things, no matter what, can help develop control and balance. For teens, learning respect will help in all aspects of their lives, be it with school, friends, or a new job. It helps people of all ages to establish a sense of dignity and well being.

Martial Arts are a great form of physical fitness and can help people achieve many fitness goals including weight loss and toning. This total-body-workout not only trains your body but your mind as well. The discipline developed from martial arts can help you to stick with it and make it a life-long habit.





Being able to control one’s own emotions in social situations is something that many teens struggle with. Martial Arts can help develop this sense of self control. Developing this skill as a young teen will carry over into adult life. The detailed control learned from Martial Arts helps students to understand how they completely control their own actions and can then learn to manipulate their thoughts and emotions effectively, creating great social skills.

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